Yes, hello!

As you might have already figured out, my name is Priti. I hope you've had fun looking at my portfolio site. Are you ready to offer me a job yet? No? Hmm... peculiar. Ok, let me charm you a little bit and I'm sure you'll change your mind. 

I'm orginally from the suburbs of Chicago (Yes, I'm a Bulls fan. Yes, the Cubs make me cry. Yes, the Bears make me cry. Yes, deep dish is the best pizza out there.). I recieved my undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I studied architecture. It occurred to me that when practicing architecture, they generally like you to be really good at making sure those buildings stay up. I decided that was far too much pressure (who can be expected to understand physics?) and looked for something that allowed me to be creative, weird, interesting and a little loud. Graphic design to the rescue! 

Because I was too scared to do it on my own, my cousins bought me a one way ticket to San Francisco to attend graduate school at the Academy of Art University, and it was the best decision anyone has ever made for my life. So now here I am, a master of graphic design, ready to work hard and have some fun while I'm at it. 

Surely, you're ready to offer me a job now. Ok, I'd settle for an interview at least. Ok, at least a phone call. Even if you want to just get some ice cream and talk about life, I'm here for you.